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Local Fishing an Hunting Clubs and 2019 Twin Lakes Fishing Map and California Fishing Report for Where Best Trout Fishing Areas

   Twin Lakes Fishing Map and Fishing Report and Information and Local Fishing and Hunting Clubs

Fishing Map of Twin Lakes

How to fish twin lakes, twin lake fishing report and map

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About Twin Lakes

 Twin Lakes California Trout Fishing  Area can be found near Bridgeport, California. The majority of fishermen at Twin Lakes are looking for consistent fishing for rainbows and kokes, but, Lord, there are some huge Brown trout in this lake as well!
A couple of California State Records in the plus 25 pound class are from the Twin Lakes, and locals say there are 40 pounders in there.
Lower Twin Lake is located 10 miles southwest of Bridgeport on  the Twin Lakes Road. Upper Twin is 12 miles southwest of Bridgeport.   Lower Twin is 275 acres when full, and Upper Twin is about 265, but  both lakes are anticipated to be low this season. 
There are tons of kokanee in both lakes, you can  almost always go out and limit on the kokanee.  Both lakes are loaded until early fall, when kokanee tum bright red and  head up tributaries to spawn.  The kokanee in Twin are usually 8- to 12 inchers, but up to 18-inchers come in. Kokanee can be caught with colored lead- line set-ups, but you don’t really need deep trolling gear here.
 You can drift-troll for the kokanee and on the troll is a  rubber snubber or kokanee rig, which is tied  between the main line and the leader, that absorb the  shock of the fish strike. Kokanee mouths easily rip out when a  fish hits
Use a spinner  on the end, with an  18-inch leader.  Our fishing report suggests you drift out along the south shore, toward the east end of the lake. Kokanee are schooling fish, and  they might be in a different place this week from  last. Main baits for kokanee are mini-nightcrawlers  or garden worms, fished alone on a bait hook or  spinner.
Some also use Red Magic lures  for trollers.  In Spring time you can catch them in 5 to 30 feet off the surface.
Kokes  are hard to catch from the shore, but bank anglers are  taking limits of trout on the north bank of the upper  lake, right near the road. On shore, Rainbows are after  worms, eggs and marshmallows and use  a  light leader, the ticket to full limits.

Brown Trout Monsters Lurk Beneath !

HUGE browns!  Big trout are in Twin Lakes check our Fishing Map to find the Lunker Brown Trout. There has been two  state records out of the Twins, but the you’ll have to spend time in search  of a legendary Twin Lakes brown.
According to our Fishing Report, you will need deep-trolling  leadcore line, and  No. 13  floating Rapala. These lures have better action than the ones that sink.
 If have mono on your reel, use one of the countdown types.  Most big browns are caught in the top 25 feet of water. In spring, browns will be in shallow areas.  Summer you should fish near the juncture of the two  lakes.  In late summer, however, browns will be concentrated at the mouths of spawning tributaries. See our fishing map for more details.
 It also helps to know when and where rainbows  were last planted, the bigger browns  will move in to feed on the small catch-able trout. 

 Brookies, too?

Our fishing map shows that the  east end of Upper Twin is  also known for great brook trout fishing.  Worms work well, but you should also try out   flies, we can tell more below.  

Top Fly Fishing at Twin Lakes, too!

 Twin Lakes is also one best lakes in California's Eastern Sierra for fly fishing. According to our fishing report, the best place for fly fishing is on the top end of Upper Lake.
There's a sandbar there that provides excellent location for casting. See our fishing map for more details. Fly fishermen can fish from the bar, and Zug Bugs, Tan Emergers, and Gray Hackle in Yellow, with no flotation gunk is recommended.
 There are weed beds below the surface, the fish go in there to feed on the nymphs. Use the same patterns in small 14s, 16s and  fish in around them.
More favorites in the summer are California Mosquitoes and Royal Coachmen. 
Another top territory for fly fishing on the Upper Lake is the cove on the  southwest side.
Because trout are feeding heavily on nymphs throughout the lake, surface trolling with flies is almost as effective as casting  from the bank. Favorite flies are black and olive Woolly  Worms, fished alone or on a trailer leader behind a spinner.  

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